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  1. Daibei
    Daibei2 years ago

    Yeah thats what the loading pub is for. Just skip ahead to the part you want to see.I like these slow paced movies. It helps me practice not premature ejaculating since I attempt to go thru the entire thing sans jizzing

  2. Akik2 years ago

    Even pros are shitty actors. Good I love porno

  3. Vuzahn2 years ago

    she could certainly use a breast reduction surgery. Otherwise those tits aren't going to age well.

  4. Manris
    Manris2 years ago

    i'm sorry, i'm just angry. they did not cause the fire. not sure if p.g.&e. had any part in this but the residents didn't. i just hope this opens a lot of eyes that need to be opened. r.i.p. to those who perished.

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